Who we are

Studio La Cube is a design firm located in the center of Madrid, working also in London.
The studio is run by an Italian Milanese designer and a Spanish Salmantina art historian, who have united their different experiences and personal perspectives about art and design.

Studio La Cube was created with the idea to make a work space in which to construct and deconstruct the form of everyday objects. As well as being an interesting creative process, Studio La Cube researches the best quality for its products, based on two fundamental concepts: the quality of the raw material and the process of artisan production.

Studio La Cube's philosophy

Studio La Cube as their main idea they have a fundamental concept, yet of infinite interpretation: the cube. This form which is simple, artificial, of every day use, is a passionate and stimulating starting point from which to reflect on the possibilities of its simplicity and from which to develop a series of elaborations, whose relationship with the cube is its authentic essence. Therefore, all of Studio La Cube's products are created starting from a small variation of the cubic form, from which new designs configured, creating a dialogue which is always diverse while originating from the same base origin.